Focus on usability research

One focus of our activities is the area of device testing and the usability of medical devices. We provide feedback on design drafts and prototypes of medical devices in all phases of product development. We participate in further optimisation of the usability of your devices and in minimising operational mistakes (see examples of our research services).

KDA conducts usability studies for all kinds of medical devices in Germany and worldwide.

Thanks to our specialisation in the medical field we have gained ample experience in all major medical indications and we are therefore capable of recruiting target groups that are difficult to reach.

We are familiar with the key recommendations and guidelines such as ANSI/AAMI/IEC 62366, TIR51, ANSI/AAMI HE75 and are ISO 9001 and 20252 certified.

A team of specialists with many years of experience is at your disposal for planning and implementing usability studies. You can benefit from our experience, our expertise in methodology and our research services.

Established strategic alliance

Through our established strategic alliance with Ergonomics Factory – a Swiss expert service provider specialized in the global provision of dedicated healthcare usability engineering, training and regulatory support services– we’ve created a unique combination of capabilities to provide you with world-class usability testing and human factors validation services specialized on the particular demands of the healthcare industry.

While KDA has global access to participants that meet your intended user group’s specific characteristics, to highly experienced local language moderators, as well as to world-class test studios with the capacity to optimally simulate your intended use environments Ergonomics Factory possesses expert healthcare usability / human factors engineering know-how and understands design controls and regulatory requirements.

Our team is looking forward to discussing your requirements or queries!