We use all the main instruments of market research. Our range of services comprises qualitative, quantitative, well-established, and “modern” research methods (such as bulletin-board, online group-discussion, etc.).

We offer an individualised, customised study design for each project. We often combine different methodological approaches, such as qualitative pilots followed by a quantification phase or qualitative interviews combined with online diaries.

Our qualitative methods

  • Focus groups, creative workshops
  • Mini groups, triads and duos
  • In-depth interviews at a central location or in-field
  • Online group-discussions, E-groups, E-chats
  • Bulletin-boards
  • Online-diaries, blogs
  • IDIs via telephone (with desktop sharing when required)
  • Ethnographic interviews
  • Simulated use-testing in a laboratory

Our quantitative methods

  • Face-to-face-interviews, paper-pencil or CAPI
  • CATI-interviews
  • Online-interviews
  • Diary projects

We conduct field interviews (i.e. at the doctors’ practices, hospitals or patients’ homes) or in selected central locations with the required technical equipment. If necessary (for example in usability projects), we also use our own technical equipment (e.g. individually controlled video cameras, tablet devices for communication between project manager and moderator during on-going sessions).

We are operating in all major regions in Germany, as well as in Europe and worldwide.