Examples of our research

As Dedicated Healthcare Research Specialists we support manufacturers of medical devices and combined products in the conceptual design, implementation, and analysis of their usability tests as part of Contextual Inquiries, Formative & Summative Evaluations, Post-Market Surveillance, and Design Modifications.

We conduct for instance the following studies (among others):

From idea to concept:

  • Analysis of individual user needs and usage environments
  • Testing of new concept ideas (ConceptLabs)
  • Concept and design testing at a very early stage of product development (e.g. using scribbles – sketches / drafts, first prototypes)

Formative studies

  • Testing the intuitive understanding of device functions
  • Differentiated analysis of “use-errors” and “operational difficulties”
  • Testing and optimisation of specific product features
  • Testing and optimisation of the “instructions for use” (IFU)
  • Testing package design: usability of blisters and outer packaging

Summative or Validation studies

  • Providing proof that all relevant features of a new medical device are satisfactory and safe to use
  • Readability tests: proof of comprehensibility of the IFU
  • Differentiation studies: exclusion of confusion of one medicinal product with other products