Usability research methods

We mainly use the following methods:

  • In-depth interviews, focus groups and creative workshops (ConceptLabs)
  • Ethnographic interviews with patients at their homes
  • Simulated use-tests at test facilities
  • Handling tests following respondent training provided by healthcare professionals (e.g. diabetes nurse)
  • Interviews at hospitals / doctors’ practices

At research facilities, the sponsoring client can observe the interview live via a one-way mirror or FocusVision (online video streaming). Using our own mobile technical equipment, we are capable of implementing our technical standards in almost all research facilities worldwide.

Mobile technical equipment

A core element of our mobile technical equipment is a mobile video camera with high resolution zoom that can be operated from the observers’ room. The recordings are transferred live to a screen, allowing the client to watch and follow the user’s handling of a medical device in detail. This mobile camera can be used in any test facility around the world equipped with internet access.

In order to optimize the communication of the project manager or client and the moderator during a session, we use tablet devices. Questions or instructions are discreetly communicated to the moderator without disturbing the interview process