Target groups

Our research target groups include:

  • Healthcare professionals (office-based and hospital-based physicians of all specialisations, including dentists and veterinarians, pathologists, micro-biologists, lab managers and staff, pharmacists, nursing staff, doctor’s assistants, diabetes nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, opticians, psychologists and psychotherapists)
  • Key opinion leaders (KOL)
  • Decision makers at hospitals, members of formulary committees/drug commission, health insurance representatives, members of medical reimbursement bodies (payors)
  • Patients and their relatives, leading members of self-help organisations
  • Other target groups, e.g. journalists specialised in the medical field, medical wholesalers, and healthcare supplies shops.

Thanks to our team of specialised experts with long-standing contacts in the medical profession, we guarantee accurate recruitment, including of challenging target groups.