Quality is key

As a market research company, we have to comply with stringent quality standards. Since october 2016 we have been certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 20252 for market, opinion and social research. We work under the provisions of the German Data Protection Act. Our research is based on the international market and social research ICC/ESOMAR Code, and the standards of quality assurance in market and social research of the Arbeitskreis Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforschungsinstitute e.V., ADM, (a business association which represents the interests of private sector market and social research agencies in Germany). We also follow the quality specifications of the European Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Association (EphMRA).

To us, quality means that we fully meet our clients’ requirements and expectations, and provide them with individual and customised solutions for their needs, while always putting the client at the heart of all we do.

The development, implementation and continuous improvement of our quality management are the responsibility of KDA Marktforschung GmbH’s board of management. Quality standards and quality assurance improvements are discussed and developed at regular team meetings.